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Another Year

It’s that time of the year again. One year has just finished and another has dawned full of the possibilities to come.

Time has this funny habit of march on regardless of whether we are paying attention or not. The end of the year was so hectic trying to get things done and 2023 is done and dusted.

I did that thing one does and turned my mind back to review the year that was. I feel like I kicked some goals in 2023. After all I published two books. It was the year that Unwanted and Sacrifice both came out.

I also attended two in person writers conferences. The first being the Self Publishing Show Live in London. I had a great time mixing with a whole heap of indie authors and came away with a whole to-do list. Some of which I’ve accomplished. Others are still on my list to get to.

The second writers conference was the 20Books conference in Las Vegas. I nearly decided not to attend. Mostly due to the cost of airfares but I’m glad I finally decided I would go. Once again I got to network with some of my fellow indie authors and I learned a great deal while I was at the conference.

All up I’m happy with how things went in 2023 and I have big plans for 2024. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that writing features heavily in my 2024 plans.

  • Finish and publish Defiance, the final book in the Emergence Series.
  • Write and publish Project Warlord.
  • Draft book one of Project Dragon.

I have more goals but those would be my major writing projects for this year. I’ll give more details regarding Project Warlord and Project Dragon when I get to them. However just a hint, I plan to send Project Warlord out to everyone on my mailing list when it is done. Project Dragon is a series set in a whole new world that has, you guessed it, dragons.

I plan to blog more frequently this year and do better with my mailing list as well as… well lots of plans.

2024 I’m looking forward to discovering what you have in store for me!

Emergence, Project Dragon, Project Warlord