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Genghis Con

I attended not only my first fan convention, Genghis Con ,for 2024 but also my first convention since before the pandemic.

For my first foray back into attending a fan convention Genghis Con, the littlest convention was just about right. It took me days of preparation beforehand to get ready. Checking off everything multiple times to double and triple check that I had everything I needed. Silly really since even if I did forget something, the convention took place in my home town over three days. That meant even if I did forget something I could pack it into my car when I got home to take the next day.

One of the things I made up for this convention were ebook cards to sell along side my paperbacks and hardcovers. It was a tip I was given by another author I met at the 20Books Vegas conference. They were absolutely worth the effort and I’m glad I made up enough of each book to take to future events. The ebook cards were by far my best seller. I also had people purchase a copy of each of my books. I’m guessing because they could either buy one book or five ebooks and when times are tough, I totally understand why people would choose the ebooks.

For those who kept apologising about purchasing the ebooks rather than the paperback or hardcover versions, there is nothing to apologise for. As it turns out I earn the same royalty across all versions. The reason the paperbacks and hardcovers are more expensive to purchase is due to printing and freight costs. Not because I’m hiking up the price to earn more.

Despite attendance at Genghis Con being low, most likely due to several other festivals taking place on the same weekend, for me at least it was a success. My goal was to at least make back the cost of attending, which I achieved. So it’s safe to say I’ll attend Genghis Con again next year. Let’s face it, if we don’t support these small community events they fold.