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World of the Rathadons

A short update on the reading order for my current series.

To the readers out there who have shown support and taken up a new indie author’s books, thank you. The writing gig is not as easy as some would imagine, particularly starting out.

  • To those of you who picked up the first book in my first series right when I released the first book in my first series , Shattering Dreams: Book 1 in the Being Of Dreams Series (TBOD); and
  • To those of you who are just finding my books now that I’ve released Unwanted, the first book in my second series Emergence.

I thought a note on the actual timeline order of the series might be in beneficial to avoid reader confusion.

While TBOD was written before Emergence, in actual fact Emergence takes place generations before the events that are told in TBOD series.

Series Order By Timeline of Events

Read first


Read Second

Emergence Series
The Being Of Dreams Series

As a reader, you are free to read the two series in any order you wish however if you are new to the world of the Rathadons, I’d read Emergence first. For those who hold by the ideal of ‘I’ll read the books in the order the author wrote them in’ that’s fine as well. Although it should be noted even though there are generations between the two series there are a couple of characters in Emergence who are also in TBOD. The story told in TBOD can give some spoilers about the events that unfold in Emergence. Although some of my beta readers who’ve read both to date have failed to notice so, you may not pick them up.

Even though there are some common characters between the two series each of them is a complete story by itself. So no matter which series you start on, it doesn’t meant you have to read the other one.

I will say I have two more series planned for this world spread over six more books. The next series in the world of the Rathadons take place after Emergence but before TBOD. For those who’ve already read TBOD, it will detail the events of Edward, Cal and Kat’s time. So the era of the Sundered War. The final series I have notes for follows on after the events of TBOD and will have some characters from all of the series previously written in this world.

However I can not say when the events of the Sundered War will be told, or the follow on series after TBOD.

Next up (after I finish Defiance, book three in the Emergence series) I intend to write a short story/novella which will be free for those who subscribe to my newsletter. Or at least at this point I intend to I’ve never been terribly good at writing ‘short’ stories. I wouldn’t expect The Warlord to be available before the middle to last half of next year.

My next full series after I finish Emergence will be a whole new world. I’m not even going to try to advise when it will be complete but, don’t expect the first book before mid to late 2025 as I wan’t to draft the whole series first before I start releasing the books. I won’t reveal too many details yet, since I haven’t started writing in that world yet but it has, new people and cultures, dragons, new gods and old gods…

Emergence, The Being Of Dreams