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Unwanted is finally out there.

In a world torn by conflict, it is the unwanted who fight for survival.

I admit it’s taken far longer than I thought it would but finally, it’s here!

Unwanted, Emergence: Book One is finally available at select online book stores. There’s ebook, paperback and hardcover versions available.


In a world torn by conflict, it is the unwanted who fight for survival.  Before Damien can decide where he really belongs, he must come to terms with who and what he really is.

The ebook of Unwanted is on sale in my online store, either the woocommerce version on this website or my pahip store if you are in the EU – it’s the VAT issue which that store takes care of for me so I don’t have to fuss with it. The links are above so if you want a discounted version, click the button and buy direct.

Not only is Unwanted done but the pre-order for Sacrifice, Emergence: Book Two is also up for pre-order at select online stores. This in part is why it took so long, among other things, for me to release Unwanted. I was trying something new (for me).

In this series I was attempting to write the whole thing before I hit that little publish button. Well alright it’s more than one little publish button, it’s multiple little publish buttons on all the major platforms but you get the idea.

I kind of suceeded. Sacrifice is with my editor, so close enough to being finished I’m confident enough to put the pre-order for the book up. Sacrifice will be released on Wedsesday 25 October 2023.

The third book of the series is well underway but not quite at the point I’d put a pre-order up. It’s kinda half way between draft and first draft status. Don’t mistake the ‘first draft’ part this is actually it’s third rewrite. This current rewrite is mostly due to changes that occured in Sacrifice, they now have to roll through Defiance.

It’s like a cascading thing where the changes I had to make to Unwanted were minor, fairly big for Sacrifice and ended up causing major changes for the final book.

Saying that I have Defiance penciled in for publication on Wednesday 27 March 2024. I’ll put it up for pre-order when I’m confident I’ve nailed all the changes I need to make.

It’s a relief to get to this point and finally release Unwanted out to the world. No rest for yours truely, well I may have a glass of bubbles today, Defiance wont finish itself.

Unwanted (Emergence: Book One)

Sacrifice (Emergence: Book 2)

Defiance (Emergence: Book 3)

Emergence, Unwanted